When rain gear gets really heavy, you can wear your rain boots as rain gear!

Posted October 17, 2018 05:27:00When rain gear becomes heavy, it becomes a bit of a burden.

We’ve seen some examples of this on social media, where people are wearing their rain boots when they get a little too wet.

I love my rain boots, but when they start to feel a bit heavy and I want to put them back on, I often have to put on a coat.

And even though my coat keeps me warm, I have to wear it on the inside of my rain gear.

So what does this mean for you?

If you have a lot of rain gear on, you may want to wear a jacket or raincoat to keep your rain gear from becoming heavy.

But if you don’t have a ton of rain boots on, it might be easier to put your rain boot back on.

Or you could just put the rain boot on in your rain pants and let it go.

Here are some examples.

I love my Knee Warmers!

They’re great!

But they’re not so great when it rains.

I can’t keep them on, so I usually have to leave them on inside my rain pants.

And then they get soaked when I put them on.

I try to wear my rain boot while walking, but sometimes it feels like my boots are falling off, so when I try them on I’m wearing them like I’m walking barefoot.

And my rain socks don’t get wet, either.

I’ll leave them off while I walk, and I’ll just put them inside my coat and let them stay on when I’m outside.

If you’re not getting as much rain, or you’re just not used to wearing rain gear in the rain, you could try wearing a hat or rain pants while you’re out.

You’ll be less likely to get wet while you wear a hat, though.