When the Super Bowl gets back to the NFL, the NFL says it will have 4x4s, a dinosaur, and the Super Nintendo

A giant Super Bowl-sized robot will roll down the aisle of a New York hotel on Saturday.

The 4×2 football team will be able to run, jump, and hit the ground running.

The robot will be the most advanced in its class, capable of lifting up to 3.4 tons.

The robot will also be equipped with a full suite of gadgets, including 3D vision cameras, laser scanners, and thermal sensors.

The company behind the project, Superb, says it is a “toy designed to help players learn and improve.”

The team says it’s already made millions in the first year of operations, with a profit expected in the $40,000 to $50,000 range.

The company says it hopes to raise $1 billion for the project.