How to wear your Patagonia Rain Gear

In many ways, Patagonian Rain Gear is an adaptation of the style and technology of the Patagonias famous hiking and climbing gear, including a lightweight, breathable, breathability, and waterproof design.

The Patagonians minimalist design allows for easy packing and storage, while still being a true climbing/hiking backpack.

The Patagonies minimalist rain gear is available in a range of colors and finishes including a matte black, matte white, metallic gold, and a brushed black/silver finish.

For those wanting to go beyond the classic white/black pattern, Pat’s rain gear also includes the Patanakar Patanikar™ waterproof membrane for added protection from the elements.

In addition to Patagones minimalist rain clothes, Pat is also offering a range that is more focused on a classic rain jacket style.

The popular Patagoni™ rain jacket is made with Patagonic’s proprietary water-wicking fabric, and features a lightweight synthetic knit upper and a lightweight polyester inner lining.

This is perfect for warm-weather, wet-weather activities like climbing, hiking, and camping.

For those looking to add a bit more comfort, Patagias popular Patagian® breathable breathable rain gear has been designed with breathability in mind.

These breathable pants are made from the same breathable fabric used in the Patagia rain pants, with a synthetic blend that offers maximum breathability.

For added comfort and warmth, Pat also offers a breathable inner lining, which is made from a lightweight cotton blend that adds warmth and moisture to the fabric.

As a full-size rain jacket, the Pati is ideal for people who are looking to get away from the crowds and enjoy a quiet place to explore.

With the Patipatala™, the rain jacket has an internal zipper and can be fitted with a rain-resistant hood.

For anyone looking for a full on outdoor jacket that is also a great rain jacket for your next hike, the Boon Boon™ is a great option for a jacket that features a breathproof outer lining.

The Boon is made of Patagona’s breathable polyester and is available for both men and women.

This jacket is a versatile piece of gear that can be worn for hiking, trekking, or even as a rain jacket.

It is also available in multiple color options and is a good choice for the casual climber looking to make the most of their Patagonite Rain gear.