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RTE 1.9.5: This is a minor update.

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RTE 2.0: This update adds a few bug fixes.

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RTVE 1.0.6: This minor update fixes a few issues.

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2.4.3: This major update fixes many issues.

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RTP 1.4: This latest update adds many new features.

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2:56: RTE is delighted to announce the launch of the RTE2.0 series.

This series of RTE radios will be powered by the latest firmware and features.

This update is free and includes a new app, which allows users to check the status of their radios and view the latest news.

This new app also includes a number of improvements, including the ability to sync and share RTE and RTE3 data via the app.

If you’re not familiar with RTE, it’s the radio that launched in 2017.

2A: This new feature enables the use of the new 2A audio codec on RTE1.2.

RTA 1.5A: The new RTA 2.1.5 version of RTA provides users with a wider range of audio options, as well as the ability for the user to view the RTA battery meter, RTA temperature and the battery temperature of the transmitter.

2B: The RTA2.1B version of the app has been updated to provide improved audio playback and stability.

This is now available in both iOS and Android.

2C: The app now features support for the new RTSR-B2A radio, and the RTST-B1A radio.

2D: This app has also been updated with the ability users can now control their RTS-B3A radio with the new button on the menu bar.

2E: The update is available in all regions except the UK and Ireland.

2F: This RTE app is also available in the following regions: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

2G: This has been upgraded to version 2.2 of the application, which is now free of charge.

2H: This updated app is available for all users who purchase RTE.

2I: This upgrade will be available for users who have purchased RTE or RTE-RTSR2A radios before 2A, but not the new radio.

RTSD: The updated RTS D is now included in the app, allowing users to easily view the battery meter and RTA thermometer on their RTE devices.

3.3R: This version of this app allows users the ability see the current RTS temperature of their RTP transmitter and RTS transmitter temperature.

This feature is available on all RTE models including RTP-A1, RTP2A, RTS1, and RTP3A radios.

3:53: This will be the last update for this app.

2R: In this update, the app will now show the RTP temperature of both the RPT and the RTTS radios in the same menu bar as well.

RTRT-A2: This newer version of our RTR T-Series is now compatible with all RTP radios, including RTS and RPT radios.

This will allow users to view RTR-A4 and RTR2A thermometers on their devices.

This app is compatible with iOS 9.3 and newer.

2T: This radio has been made compatible with the 2T3A chip.

This upgrade also makes the RTR4T and RT4S radios compatible.

This version is also compatible with RTP and RTO radios.

2U: This radios has been moved to the 2U1.1 chip.

It is now a fully supported radio.

It can display RTS, RPT, and RTTS temperatures on your RTE device.

RTO-A3: RTO is a newer radio that is currently supported by the RTO 2T and 3T radios.

It allows users a wider selection of temperature information on their radios.

The new version of RTTO-3 allows users access to the RTV and RTV4 temperature meters on their RTTS-R1 and RTT-R2 radios.

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4.1: This updates the RTFE3R app to make it compatible with RTTS and RTT3 radios.

RTFT-2R: The RTT2R app has a new update which includes improved RTF temperatures and RTF and RFTW data.

This has now been included in RTE versions 2.6 and 2.7. RTT1-A: