Kohls Rain Gear Is A Winner With The New Kohls Hottest Rain Gear 2018

Kohls has a new rain gear line that’s sure to please both the rain fan and the sportsman.

It’s a great-looking rain gear that combines both comfort and durability with the latest technologies.

Kohls K-Line Rain Gear has four distinct layers.

One layer is the classic “shell” that’s used by sportsmen, but it’s also made from soft and breathable cotton and a synthetic shell with an integrated waterproof liner that’s more breathable than the shell.

The second layer is a breathable, windproof shell made from cotton that’s also breathable and windproof.

The third layer is water-resistant shell that’s made of synthetic rubber that has a water-repellent coating that’s rated to withstand winds of up to 15 knots (22 mph) at a depth of 1 meter (4.2 feet).

The fourth layer is made from nylon, a synthetic material that’s soft and has a waterproof coating.

The waterproof layer has an integrated underwater liner that offers protection for up to 1 meter of water.

The top layer is an air-resistance nylon that has an airtight seal.

The shell and the liner both have a reinforced design, which gives it a great fit for long-term wear.

It also has a built-in waterproof pocket to keep items dry, a water repellent coating, and a breathability layer.

Kohl’s Rain Gear is available at Kohls retail stores and online at Kohl.com.

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