Cyclist caught riding on the back of a bike at London Olympics

Cyclist Kaiwaka Rain Gear is a popular UK cycling company that produces bike accessories and other clothing.

On Sunday, Kaiwakas Rain Gear team member and Olympic rider Adam Kalkaty was caught riding a bicycle that was riding in a lane not meant for a bicycle.

Adam told Breitbart News:I was on the road with my bike, and when I saw a vehicle come towards me, I saw it was raining so I just jumped on and rode along.

The cyclist, however, was not riding on Kaiwaks Rain Gear bikes.

Adam said he thought the cyclist had not done his research before riding in the lane. claims they were the first company to offer a bike helmet for cyclists and cyclists were the fastest growing market in their segment, which is worth £1.4 billion in the UK alone.

Adam said:We’re really passionate about cyclists and the impact they make on our lives and communities, so it’s important for us to be at the forefront.

He said he was on his bike with Kaiwakis Rain Gear’s team at the London Olympics when the cyclist came and started talking to him.

Adam explained:He had no idea who he was and just started talking about cycling and about the Olympics.

The bike was in a small lane and he didn’t know if he should be on the bike or not.

Adam added:I thought ‘Oh, that’s alright, let’s keep going’, so we were going to the finish line and he came up to me and I told him that I was on my bike and I was just trying to stay on it and just do it.

Adam’s comments were captured on a video posted on KaiWakas website.

Adam has since posted the video on YouTube and said he plans to post more videos from his travels with the company.

Adam Kalkatey, KaiWakias Rain gear’s co-founder, said:I’m a proud member of the cycling community and I hope that this story will help to change the perceptions of people who ride bikes and cycling.

KaiWaka Rain gear have also launched a crowdfunding campaign to help Adam get his helmet back.

Adam posted a video of his helmet on his YouTube channel and asked people to support his campaign.

Kai Wakias said they have already raised more than £500 from more than 400 supporters.