NEW YORK — Harley-Davidson is preparing to announce new models and gear for the next-generation of its iconic motorcycle brand, according to a source familiar with the matter.

The company has a new name and a new line of motorcycle, but the company’s core brand remains Harley-Davidsons, the source said.

The source said the company would unveil a new motorcycle and helmet, but declined to say what that model would be or when it would be unveiled.

Harley-davidson has had a strong motorcycle presence since it launched the first Harley-Deluxe in 1970.

Harley-Das, the brand’s name, has been synonymous with speed and power since its launch in 1969.

Harly-Dawson, the company, is one of the biggest players in the motorcycle industry.

The brand has been a keystay in the U.S. motorcycle industry, serving more than 20 million motorcycles over the past 30 years.

Harley is a subsidiary of Japanese automaker Suzuki, which is headquartered in California.