NFL’s airweave gear can’t protect you from the rain

The NFL’s official gear has been known to cause headaches for some players.

And with the NFL set to take a step back from the helmet and pads, the league is trying to make airweaves that can help protect players from the elements a priority.

The NFL Players Association says that airweaving is a “key benefit” for the game, and the league says that its official helmets and pads are the best available for protecting players.

But if you have questions about what to wear to protect your body, there are plenty of options out there.

Here are a few of the best options: The Airweave Rain Gear The NFL is making airweavers that are “smart and functional,” according to NFLPA president DeMaurice Smith.

Smith told Bleacher the airweaver has been designed to be able to be worn on the outside of a helmet and has been tested in extreme cold conditions.

He said that the air weaves are designed to “move over your head,” and are “not really a part of your face.”

You can purchase the Airweaves, which come in three sizes: “Small” ($69), “Medium” ($114) and “Large” ($229).

“It’s designed to help you keep your head cool and comfortable,” Smith told the Associated Press.

Smith also said that if you are wearing a helmet with a mesh collar and mesh visor, you should also use the airWeave Rain gear to protect from the cold.

“I think we’ve found that mesh collar is a great idea because it keeps the wind out,” Smith said.

The AirWeave Air Gear is available in two different sizes: $79 ($109 for men, $109 for women), and $119 ($149 for men and $149 for women).

The helmet has a hood, which makes it easier to keep your face warm, according to the NFL.

If you don’t like that option, you can also buy a mesh visand ($49), which is “very comfortable and the mesh hood is a nice touch.”