Tactical rain gear to be available at the Mall of America

US retailers are planning to roll out tactical rain equipment at the mall in Las Vegas, including zpacks rain equipment, a source with knowledge of the plan told CNN.

The move comes after the mall announced in January that it would be using a third-party vendor to offer tactical rain kits, but that it was not yet able to get its own brand to provide them.

The zpacks team is in the process of building out its product portfolio, including tactical rain jackets, boots, jackets and gloves, the source said.

Zpacks is also working on a tactical rain suit, which the source described as a “light-weight rain gear” for men.

The team has begun working with other manufacturers and has begun testing prototypes, and will likely launch a tactical kit in the second half of the year, the person said.

The source did not provide additional details.

The Mall of Americans did not immediately respond to CNN’s request for comment.