‘Noise’ from diesel generators is ‘a nightmare’: A report

By SARA JOHNSON, Associated Press A diesel generator is a machine used to convert heat energy into electricity.

That’s one reason that many power plants use diesel generators.

But there are more reasons, including a growing number of issues with diesel generators that can pose a risk to public health, according to a new report from the federal government.

The report, released Wednesday, says that there is a lot more diesel generators out there than we’re used to seeing, including one in particular that can emit soot, carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide.

The National Association of Manufacturers says the issue with diesel engines is that they emit a variety of chemicals that can build up in the exhaust, resulting in respiratory illnesses.

Those chemicals can be harmful to the lungs, and they can lead to serious health effects like asthma, heart disease and stroke.

The diesel engine emits carbon monoxy, a heavy metal that is a carcinogen, and particulate matter, which can clog the lungs.

The government is investigating diesel emissions and how they could affect people’s health.

In addition, a report by the EPA last year found that diesel exhaust is a significant contributor to asthma, and the Environmental Protection Agency is investigating the emissions from diesel trucks.

A new study released Wednesday found that about half of all diesel generator owners who complained about pollution from their power plants were also willing to buy diesel.

The study by the National Association for the Advancement of Science and Engineering found that a growing share of the country’s diesel generators are still being used after more than a decade.

The EPA, in its assessment of diesel generators, noted that while diesel generators may be safer than older technology, they still emit pollutants that can contribute to air pollution and respiratory problems.

The agency noted that diesel generators do not use a lot of natural gas, and while they use coal, they do not emit much sulfur dioxide, the report says.

It said that diesel power plants emit more pollution than most other types of electricity, but diesel generators account for about half the total.

The new study says the diesel generators used in the country use “substantial amounts” of sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxides, the compounds that can cause respiratory problems in people who breathe in diesel exhaust.

It also found that nearly 40 percent of diesel generator operators in the study had health conditions that could be related to their work.