Snow forecast for the Northeast: New York to receive 20-foot drops from storm, forecasters say

A new forecast from the National Weather Service in New York City says snow will fall in the New York area on Wednesday.

It says the snow will be 10-20 feet deep and it will be heavier than expected.

The weather service says snow is possible up to 2 feet on some areas.

It also says heavy rain is possible and snow accumulation is possible. 

In the Northeast, a low-pressure system is expected to move through Thursday. 

On Wednesday, a snow storm warning was issued for New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Vermont.

In New York state, a 10-foot-high swath of snow is forecast to form Thursday afternoon and continue throughout the day.

A heavy snow storm is also possible across parts of New York and Pennsylvania, while wind gusts of 35-60 mph are possible.

Snow and ice is expected in some areas, particularly in the upper elevations, as well as the Lower Hudson Valley, where the forecast snow accumulates. 

Forecasters say that for the first time since the storm, New York is in danger of losing a significant amount of snow.

They say that this is a first snowfall of this size on the East Coast since October 1. 

This is a very significant snowfall, with accumulations of 10-15 feet on several fronts.

And in some places, they say the accumulations are higher than they were in October, when New York was experiencing the worst snowstorm on record. 

It is a snowstorm that will be felt by many people in the Northeast and around the world.

It will impact the economy in a very important way.