Tsa raingear manufacturer is looking for more cash to stay in business

Tsa Raingear has signed a deal to supply equipment to the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) for up to six months, with a second batch to be delivered in September.

Key points:The agreement comes on the heels of Tsa’s acquisition of the Australian defence business from defence giant AustalTSA, which had a stake of 10 per cent in the companyThe deal is the latest in a string of deals for the Australian Defence ForceThe deal, which has been sealed in conjunction with the Government’s review of the military’s finances, is the second of its kind in recent months.

It is a further step in a series of deals to boost Tsa, which announced in July it was seeking to buy back an investment of $1.5 billion to help fund its acquisitions.

The deal with Tsa comes as the RAN seeks to boost its defence capabilities, particularly as the Government seeks to cut costs and diversify its defence spending.

“It’s a very exciting time for the Government,” said Tsa managing director Mike Fitch.

“Our business model is about making the best equipment and the best products for the most efficient and efficient services for the RAAF.”

I think Tsa is at the forefront of what’s going to be a more efficient way of doing that.

“In November, the Government announced it was examining whether the RAA should seek to buy Tsa equipment from Austal.

Under the agreement, Tsa will supply the RAPR-8A3B and RAPF-1B1C tactical radios, as well as the Tsa RAPA-10A2E tactical radios and Tsa TSA-3C8A1 tactical radios.

The agreement is expected to close in the second half of 2019, and will provide the RAF with the most up-to-date Tsa gear, said Mr Fitch, adding that the deal is “very much aligned” with the RA’s vision to diversify into the technology of robotics.”

We’ve got a good understanding with Austal and TSA of what we need and what we want and what Austal is offering us,” he said.”

That’s all very well and good, but it is an agreement that is about diversifying the RAE’s equipment, so the technology can be brought into the RAs hands.

“The deal follows Tsa purchasing of the ARRL in January, which also saw it buy the ARK-21 radio.

The ARRL is the world’s largest amateur radio service, covering more than 1.3 million members, including more than 100,000 in Australia.

Its chief executive officer Paul Emsley said the ARL was looking to strengthen its network and provide more radio services.”

The ARL has an opportunity to build upon this, which is where we are in the RAC,” he told News24.”

To do that, we need to be able to invest more in the radio spectrum.

“Tsa has the resources and the skills to help us achieve that and we are committed to doing that with the ARR and with Austals assets.”‘

It’s the best deal for the money’The ARRB has been in talks with Tshamra for a number of years, Mr Emsleys comments coming after the RBA’s review was released in March.

“They’ve done an amazing job and we have worked very closely with them,” Mr Ersleys said.

He said the RAB was keen to build on the relationship and to ensure “there’s a robust and sustainable relationship going forward”.

“It is the best way forward for the ARRB and the ARSA and the community,” he added.

“There’s always been a lot of potential for us to work together and we’re pleased to have done so.”