Tingley raingear meme hits Twitter after photos were shared on @TingleyGear

Posted March 02, 2019 06:00:48A few days ago, we shared a photo of a Tingly Rain Gear backpack, which was accompanied by the hashtag #TinglyRainGear.

Now, a Twitter user has put together a video and tweetstorm that shows how the meme started and how the photo was taken.

The TinglingRainGear Twitter account also has a new photo, which is captioned with the caption: “@TinglingGear” and features the phrase “Tingle Rain Gear” (which means “tickle rain”).

The video was shared by a user known only as “tngk,” who has about 100 followers.

He told Mashable that the original photo was shared on Twitter by a man named Andrew Tingler, who works at a hardware store in Richmond, British Columbia.

Andrew was inspired to share the photo on the TingledrainGear account after seeing a video of someone wearing a Tingle Rain Gear in a coffee shop.

Tingle is the trademarked name of the tingle-like liquid that is used in some of the products used in tingling devices.

Andrew says that he took the photo of Andrew while visiting his grandparents in Vancouver.

Andrew told Mashables that he wanted to show his grandmothers how tingle products work and that he did not want to use the same brand of tingle gel as someone else.

Andrew said he first noticed the photo online when he saw the hashtag trending on Twitter.

Andrew said he then contacted the TingleGear Twitter user and asked for help in finding the original image.

Andrew explained that he and his grandfather have used tingle gear for years and have owned at least one Tingles, but that his grandfather is not sure if his grandmother would like it.

Andrew has also seen that tingle items were sold at an online auction site called eBay.

Andrew’s grandfather is currently selling his Tingle Gear in Richmond for $5,000 and wants to sell it online.

Andrew says he will buy it in the near future if he can get his grandfather to sell the Tinkler gear online.

Andrew told Mashtail that the TingeGear account has been a big help in getting his grandfather on board with selling his gear online as well as helping him find the original Tinglers and other items that he wants to display in the future.

Andrew hopes that the photos from the Tingingley Rain Gear account will help other people with similar questions.

Andrew Tingllis grandparents Tinglin Rain Gear, which he bought in 2011, are selling their Tinglee gear online at an auction site and have also set up a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to bring tingler products to market.