How to save yourself from the flu with a frogtail rain gear

In this video, we go over how to get the perfect rain gear for the coldest winter days.

The gear is very useful, and it really helps you avoid getting the flu if you have a cold or flu season to come.

If you’re on a budget, you can use the same items you use for winter.

If you need more warmth, you’ll need more rain gear.

You can save a few bucks by buying the best quality rain gear in the UK, like the rain gear from Frogtail.

Frogtail has a fantastic range of rain gear that you can get for under £50.

You should also check out our guide to winter gear.

Rain gear: The basicsIf you need to have a good rain gear when the temperature drops, here are some essentials you need:• Rain hood• Rain jacket• Rain gloves• Rain pants• Rain boots• Waterproof raincoatIf you can’t get the right rain gear to keep you warm, try a weather jacket, such as the waterproof jacket from the Weatherproofs range.

These jackets are lightweight and breathable, and will keep you dry even if the weather gets cold.

They’re also waterproof, so you can wear them on the bus or on the back of a truck.

You don’t need a rain jacket to get wet and cold in the winter.• Snow mask• Snow jacket• Snow boots• Snow gloves• Snow pants• Snow shoesIf you want to keep warm and not get sick, then consider an umbrella.

It’s a great rain protection for a small child or baby.

The umbrella is made of plastic and lightweight, and you can throw it over your head and it’s good for a long winter.

If your weather jacket or rain jacket doesn’t have a rain hood, you might be able to get it with a rain hat.

If it does have a hood, it should have a reflective strip or a reflective material.

If your umbrella is waterproof, make sure the reflective material is made from carbon fiber.

You may also want to consider a rain coat if you want it to be waterproof.• Sun visor• Sun hat• Sun jacket• Sun pants• Sun boots• Rain suitIf you have to wear a rain suit during the day, a sun visor can be a great option.

A sun visored rain jacket is an excellent option for getting you out in the rain, especially if you’re going out on a long drive.

You might want to try out some sun visors if you live in a colder climate, and these are great for those colder weather days.

If a sun jacket doesn.t have a sun hat, consider getting one.

The sun hat has an extra layer of protection to keep your face and neck warm, and can keep you cool when the weather starts to get colder.

If the weather is too cold to wear rain gear at the moment, try the rain jacket for extra warmth.

It can be waterproof and breath-able, so it’s ideal if you need some extra warmth on a rainy day.

You might also want a hat for your umbrella, because hats don’t get wet in the cold and rain.

There’s no rain-proof option to go with your umbrella.

A rain hat can help you keep you cooler during the cold.

If the rain doesn’t look like you want a rain rain hat, there are a few options.

The ones that we recommend are the rain boots from Rain Boots, and the rain gloves from Rain Gear.

If rain gloves are essential, you may want to buy some extra gloves, and go for a weather hat.

There are also many rain boots available, but we’re focusing on waterproof ones, because they’re great for long-distance journeys.

We recommend the waterproof rain boots for winter journeys, and if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you could buy some other waterproof rain boot options.• Water resistant rain boots• Windproof rain bootsYou’ll also need a jacket to protect you from the elements.

This is one of the most important items for a cold winter, and should always be bought at a reputable shop.

This rain jacket can keep the rain out of your face, and keep you from getting sick from getting wet.

You can also use rain boots to protect your body from the cold weather, but these can be expensive.

Buy a pair of waterproof boots from Frog Tail, or use a pair you already own.

A pair of winter boots can be really useful, especially when you’re in the middle of a long journey and need to be able wear your rain boots at all times.

If necessary, a jacket can also be worn in the event you get sick or have to go outside.

If it’s raining outside, it might be useful to put on a hat.

A hat with a reflective membrane is great for keeping you cool and protects your face from the rain.

If there’s not enough rain to cover you, you need a