Funky Rain Gear is back, and it’s got an awesome new look

Funky raingear is back!

The company’s been around since 2011, but it was never quite a household name, despite selling some pretty high-end gear.

Now it’s back with a new, all-black design.

We got our first look at it during a recent event in New York City, and the photos below are definitely worth a look.

Funky also introduced a new model of the Rain Gear X in June of last year.

The new version is lighter, sleeker, and has a more traditional look, as seen above.

The X has a hooded front and a hood that opens up to a mesh front vent that covers the top of the rain gear.

It also has a ventilated rear that vents the entire gear and can be detached to keep the rain down.

Both the X and the regular Rain Gear models have an optional rain visor for up to five people.

There’s also a new top cap, which has been upgraded to a more rigid design that is more flexible.

The top cap is removable.

The back of the new model has a metal mesh top, and an integrated handle.

The handle is more of a “push” design than a “pull” design.

The overall look is the same as before, but the visor is now a bit higher up.

It has a black zipper and black metal accents.

The bottom of the top cap has a small white strip that is cut into the bottom of it to prevent the visors from coming off the gear.

There are a couple of new features to the raingear lineup, too.

The raingear X has three color options, which include black, white, and dark gray.

There is also a lighter version with three different colors, but these aren’t available yet.

The Rain Gear S is the new all-in-one, rain gear for the family.

It’s similar to the regular rain gear in design, but with a visor.

It comes in three colors: silver, red, and black.

This raingear comes with two adjustable visors, one for the front and one for each side.

It costs $79.99 for the regular version, $99.99 with the viser, and $119.99 without the visers.

The regular raingear will be available from September of this year.

Check out the photos above for more information about the new raingear.