How to make your own rain gear

WASHINGTON (AP) A new rain gear trend has become so popular among women, it’s been adopted by men too.

It’s called womens gear, and it’s a great way to make a statement about how women are valued.

It includes stylish coats, hats and scarves that don’t have to be bulky or too big for a man to wear.

The idea is to show that women can be successful in the workforce and get paid as well.

The women’s rain gear is a hit, said Jennifer Smith, an analyst at IHS Markit, a business research firm.

The popularity of womens clothing has driven demand, she said.

The trend has grown into a trend among both men and women, said Kate Miller, a women’s apparel designer.

Men, who usually wear dresses, hats, scarves and t-shirts, want to show their style.

Women have been wearing women’s clothing for years, and womens apparel has grown to the point where they’re a big part of the fashion trend, Miller said.

Men are still the biggest buyers of womans clothing, but women are also growing in demand, so men are looking to get in on the trend.

The idea is that women will show they can work and are not just a disposable commodity, Miller added.

The clothing comes in a variety of styles.

Some are made with waterproof fabrics, which are not waterproof, and can be used for heavy rainstorms.

Others have waterproof fabric with a breathable layer, or are made of fleece.

Some also include rain guards and rain pants.

Some men’s clothes also feature hoods and jackets, as well as jackets and pants with reflective fabric, which can make them less conspicuous.

The style of the clothes also depends on the season.

Some womens wear jackets during warmer months, while some men wear jackets and shorts during cooler months.

Men’s rain suits can be more expensive, but the styles can also be stylish.

“Womens clothing is becoming more mainstream,” Miller said, adding that there is more demand for the products than there were a few years ago.

Women can buy clothing online, but they’re also buying it in stores.

Women can also get a womens hoodie, which features a rain fly.

Women’s clothing has been a trend in some fashion stores, too, as the popularity of rain jackets has increased.

Men’s clothing is more likely to be a bit more expensive than womens, but Miller said there are also some more affordable options for men.

For example, there are shirts and hats for men, but there’s also a womans rain jacket.

The cost ranges from $30 to $50 depending on the style, according to Miller.