Why is the US government giving rain gear to Saudi Arabia?

A Saudi prince, Prince Turki bin Saud, is giving Saudi Arabia more than $1 billion in rain gear, according to The American Conservatives, which reports that the U.S. Department of Defense is making it available to the kingdom.

The Saudi royal family is a close U.N. ally, which is why it’s giving the U,S.

more than a billion dollars in military gear, the American Conservative reports.

The article notes that Prince Turkis daughter, Crown Princess Ashraf, has reportedly received $5.6 million from the Saudi Royal Family for her own use.

The U.K. Foreign Office said the Royal Family has pledged to give away $20 million to the U.,K.

for humanitarian assistance.

In 2015, the U.”s.

gave the Saudi royal families $2.5 billion in cash for humanitarian aid.

The prince is a major donor to the Republican Party.

In a recent interview, Prince Saud told ABC News he gave the money to “the people of Saudi Arabia.”

In addition to rain gear and weapons, the Saudi government is also selling military hardware to countries in the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia has a history of exporting weapons to countries like Iran and Syria, The Washington Post reported.

A U.C.L.A. report published earlier this year found that Saudi Arabia exported $2 billion worth of arms and munitions to Iran, and $2 trillion in arms to the Syrian regime in 2017.