How to avoid rain gear that looks like this

A rain gear company has issued a warning that it may be damaging to the skin if you use it.

In the video below, a model with an unassuming rain gear is shown wearing a rain jacket, a rain vest, and a rain hoodie. 

The rain gear looks like a normal rain jacket but it is made to resemble a “super rain suit” by incorporating an artificial fabric with a fabric-like lining and mesh. 

In the rain jacket and vest, there are two layers that are sewn on the outside of the jacket and then sewn inside the body to form the inside layer. 

You would think that the outer layers would be waterproof, but instead they are “soft” to the touch.

The video then shows a rain cap that is attached to the rain gear.

The rain cap is made out of a “polyester/polyester blend” and the outer layer is made from a “lightweight fabric” that is not waterproof. 

“The polyester/pVC blend can act as a waterproof layer in rain,” the company’s website states. 

It continues:”While not waterproof, the polyester blend will prevent water from penetrating and pooling inside the rain cap and it will help to keep the cap and rain cap liner dry.”

The company says that it is not making any claim about the rain suit being waterproof.

“It is designed to help protect your skin from the elements,” the website states, adding: “In the event of an accidental drop or splashing, you can immediately remove the raincap and keep your rain jacket on and dry.”

It is not clear if the rain vest will be waterproof.

It is also not clear what the actual waterproofness of the rainwear is. 

Rainwear manufacturers have warned against the use of rain jackets in the past. 

A company called Rain Jacket, for example, issued a statement in March saying that it “does not recommend the use” of rain gear in the event it “is used improperly, including without protective gear.”

The National Weather Service, however, says that wearing rain gear “is recommended as a precaution when the weather is cold or dry” and that it does not “encourage or condone the use or misuse of any form of protective equipment.”

The video below shows a man wearing a waterproof rain jacket. 

(Image credit: Rain Jacket) While a few models in the video look like they are waterproof, it is likely that the material is made of polyester and polyester blends. 

We contacted the company that makes the rain caps, but did not receive a response by press time. 

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