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Navis, a New York-based startup that specializes in waterproof and breathable rainwear, has launched a line of rain socks.

Navis has developed a number of waterproof and windproof rainwear products, including its Navis Snowshoe and Navis Pashmina, and is planning to launch more.

The company’s new line is made from a material called Rain-Tek, a lightweight and breath-able polyester.

Rain-tek is similar to synthetic fabrics like Gore-Tex, but it is made of polyester and water repellent, making it ideal for weather-wear and stormwear.

The socks are waterproof, with a soft lining and a breathable upper, while the rain-proof lining is made up of mesh.

Rain gear in particular has been gaining traction among athletes, and Novembers Navis is the first company to launch a product specifically for athletes.

The Navis range has also been embraced by celebrities and designers, including the designers of the Novemeber series, including Karl Lagerfeld, Maren Morris, and Jaden Smith.

The line also has its eye on the fashion industry, with its November Navi line, a collection of Novems Rainwear and Novesports Rainwear, featuring items from clothing to accessories.

Novembar Novemiads Rain Gear and Nuvidas Rain Gear have also launched a range of waterproof rain gear.