Why the Eagles are the Eagles of the future

By now, you probably know that the Eagles have a new head coach.

We also know that we’re not likely to see any new faces anytime soon, and the team will have a much better chance of reaching the postseason this year than it has in a long time.

But there’s one thing we don’t yet know: Why are the players wearing all that gear?

Well, according to a new story by Sports Illustrated, the Eagles were forced to make some changes to the way they’re training players during the Super Bowl.

The story says that the team’s training facility, in fact, has a new “smart” equipment system that’s supposed to allow the Eagles to train in the same way they train for the NFL’s marquee events.

The new equipment system is supposed to provide an advantage to the Eagles because it’s supposed be able to detect and identify players in different levels of play.

The system would be able “to measure the intensity and intensity of the players,” according to Sports Illustrated.

It would also be able measure their blood pressure, heart rate, and other physiological parameters that could potentially help predict a player’s future health and fitness.

The Eagles’ new system has not been announced yet, but the team told SI that it will be “a key component of the training and performance for the team.”

The team has also hired former NFL tight end Greg Olsen, who had worked as a sideline analyst for the New York Giants and was the team captain during the 2008 season.