Why Harley’s rain gear is the most fun you can have in the park

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to ride with Harley’s new Rain gear.

They’re waterproof, they’re light, they can go up to 20 miles per hour, they have great looks, and they’re affordable.

Harley said it has seen an average of 8 million orders per year, which equates to more than $3 billion in sales. 

In order to make the new rain gear affordable, Harley has partnered with a number of manufacturers, including Kmart and Nike.

This means that you can get the latest in rain gear with no extra cost.

Here’s a look at some of the new models Harley’s going to be offering.


H-Style Rain Jacket (Black) The H-style Rain Jacket is the latest iteration of the Rain gear, with the goal of keeping the price low for riders who want the best.

While you can’t go without the H-Shock and Rain Pants, it’s a great option if you’re looking for a more traditional option.

The H-Shoe also includes a vent for a rain jacket. 

For a little extra, you can also add a hood for the helmet. 


H2 Rain Boots (Black, White, or Green)  With a price tag of $130, the H2 boots will be the most affordable option out of the bunch.

With a $140 price tag, you’ll get the best waterproofness in the lineup.

This model also has vents for the rain boots. 


H1 Rain Boots/Boots with Storming Sticks (White) This is the cheapest option out there, with a price of $100.

If you want the ultimate waterproofness, this model is the best choice.

The Storming Stick makes a good rain boot. 


Rain Jacket with Storm-proof Padded Interior (Black or Green, White or Red) While this model might not be the best option out the park, it still gets the job done.

While this is a $100 rain jacket, it has the most waterproofness of any other rain jacket on the market. 


Rain Rain Pants (White or Black) A good option for those who are not looking for the most durable options out there.

This rain pants is a great alternative to the H1.

The Padded interior makes it a great addition to any weather jacket.


Rain Pants with Stormproof Padding (Black only) Another option for the price point.

This is a cheaper option, but still gets a great waterproofness and durability. 


Rain Pant with Storm Protection (White, Black, or Red, or Black only)The Rain Pant has been a popular choice for years, and now it’s going mainstream. 


Rain Boot (Black Only) This is a less expensive option that’s more versatile. 


Rain Boots These are the cheapest options, but you can still get a lot of waterproofness. 


Rain Shirt/Shirtless (White only) These offer great protection against the elements, but they’re not as waterproof as the Rain Pants and Storm Boots. 


Rain Shorts (White Only) If you’re a casual rider looking for more protection, the rain shorts offer excellent protection. 


Rain Tops (White and Black) A great option for someone who wants to dress up their riding style.

The Top has a lot more options, including the rain pant and storm boots.13.

Rain Sweatshirt/Sweatshirtless (Black and White) For those who like to wear a more formal look, this is the perfect option.

It has great protection and looks great on anyone. 


Rain Skirt (Black with Storm Logo) Just like the other options, the Rain Skirts have a lot to offer. 


Rain Top (Black but with Storm) The top is great for anyone looking to dress more formal. 


Rain Hood (Black on White) Similar to the Rain Top, this option has great coverage for any weather event. 


Rain Gloves (White with Storm logo) With the Storming Spikes, this glove is great if you want to wear them with the rain. 


Rain Goggles The gloves are great if the weather is mild, but also for casual riding. 


Rain Hat (Black ONLY) If you want a more casual look, you have to look no further than this hat.

The rain hat will give you the best protection, but the price tag makes it hard to justify the purchase. 


Rain Mask (Black only) Another great option that doesn’t require a rain mask, but is still pretty pricey. 


Rain Bandana This bandana has a good waterproofness that will protect you from