How to buy new gear from Amazon’s new rain gear cover deal

Last week, we reported that Amazon was dropping prices on its rain gear covers.

The company was also selling rain gear for under $50 on its website.

The covers cost around $20 to make and were available on Amazon for $15.

Amazon announced on Monday that the covers are being discontinued and that they will now be available from the company’s own online store.

The price drops on the cover include everything from the Rainmaster Series 5 to the Yamaha Series 5 Rain gear, as well as the Rain Gear Series 6 Rain gear.

The Rain Gear cover comes in black, grey, and red.

Amazon is not the only retailer that is offering discounts on rain gear.

Over at, you can get an entire rain gear set for less than $50.

There are also several other deals available, too, and the site has a bunch of good deals on the rain gear you can buy on Amazon.

However, these deals are usually only for limited time offers and you can’t buy them all at once.