‘You’d like to have some rain gear with you’: FSU gear review

FSU student Lauren Kostelnik says she likes to keep her rain gear organized, but not too organized.

“It would be nice to have a big bag of rain gear for when I go hiking,” Kostelsky says.

“I can get on my bike and go out there and I can get my bike out and have a little rain gear that I could bring with me, and it would be great if I could have a lot of it.”

The University of Florida is looking to improve its weather gear inventory and has recently purchased more than 2,000 pairs of rain jackets and jackets with sleeves, rain pants and rain boots for its student athletes.

The University has also been testing out rain pants to make sure they’re comfortable, and a new rain gear line has also opened.

“We’ve really started to see a real trend, with people wanting to have their own gear,” says Kevin McCallum, FSU’s vice president for sport performance and technology.

“That means more and more people want to go out and be active and feel like they’re wearing rain gear.”

The company’s latest Rain Pants are made with a waterproof membrane that’s not only breathable, but also dries quickly.

A pair is $100, and they have an adjustable waistband.

“They feel really good and they feel good in the hands,” McCallums says.

The company has been working with local colleges and universities on the design and manufacturing of its rain gear.

“If we can get more people to start doing this, it will help us increase our product range,” McCallsum says.

Some schools, like the University of Miami, are even making rain gear available for their students.

“When we go out for an event like the spring semester, we’re going to have our students come out with our rain gear,” McCollum says, “and we’ll also have some of our students bring their own.”