When it comes to outdoor gear, the Seahawks are no slouches

By RAY NOLAN The Seattle Seahawks are the ultimate outdoors team, but they aren’t the only ones with a love affair with the outdoors.

The NFL has a long history of promoting outdoor gear in sports that are predominantly indoors.

This year, the league announced that it is adding a new outdoor jersey to the roster, with a new name and a new design.

The Seahawks are introducing a new helmet to the outdoor jersey lineup this season.

The Seahawks, as with the NFL, are embracing the outdoors and bringing new elements to the team’s apparel and gear.

In addition to the new helmet, the team is adding three new gear options for outdoor events: rain gear overall, rain gear knee pads, and a rain gear backpack.

The new helmet is inspired by the Seahawks’ helmet, which features a bright, white face shield with an embossed Seahawk logo.

The helmet’s design also includes a new visor.

The visor is reflective, and it allows the helmet to be used with sunglasses and rain gear accessories.

The hood of the helmet has a new, reflective material that reflects light from the sun, making it more comfortable.

It also has a visor that will be used in certain areas of the game when the visor isn’t available.

The new helmet will be available at the Seahawks store, as well as online.

The Rain Gear overall will be the new jersey.

The Rain Gear knee pads will be made from the same material as the helmet, but with a different design.

It will be a knee pad that can be used on the field or in the shelter.

The knee pads are available in different colors and materials, and they will also be available as a backpack.

The backpack will feature an integrated waterproof pocket that can hold an additional helmet, rain boots, gloves, and rain jacket.

The backpacks are available at a suggested retail price of $129.

The rain gear helmet will come with an integrated rain filter.

The rain filter has a waterproof material that will filter water away from the helmet.

The filter can also be attached to the inside of the jersey, allowing the helmet and knee pads to be completely dry.

The waterproof face shield will come in two colors: green and red.

The face shield features a green-and-red design that mimics the Seahawks helmet.

The knee pads and rain boots are made from a new material, polyester.

The materials are reflective and breathable, and the knee pads can be worn with sunglasses or rain gear.

The backpack is made from polyester and breathably breathable.

It has an integrated pocket on the outside of the backpack that can accommodate a helmet, helmet and rain boot.

The bag can be placed on the inside or on the side of the shoulder, and is designed to fit over the shoulder strap.

The weather-resistant helmet and a visors kit will be sold at the team store for $99.

The shoulder pads and boots will be included in the helmet for $59.

The team is introducing three new rain gear options, and there will be more to come: a rain bag, rain jacket, and storm boots.

The storm boots will not be available online until April 4, but the team said it will be on sale at its store, on-line at its Seahawks website, and at select Seahawks-themed retailers starting this spring.

The Seattle Seahawks and the NFL are the latest brands to embrace the outdoors this year.

The team announced this week that it will add a new uniform for the 2020 season.

In a partnership with Nike, the Seattle Seahawks will wear the new uniforms during the regular season.

The uniforms will feature the “Seahawks Forever” logo.

The NFL also announced that a new jersey will be worn in 2018, the first time a Seattle NFL team has worn the team logo.